Dampak Pemupukan Si Plus Terhadap Pertumbuhan, Produksi dan Nilai Nutrisi Rumput Brachiaria Mulato pada Defoliasi Kedua


  • Imran Imran UNRAM
  • Uhud Abdullah
  • Yusuf Akhyar Sutaryono




mulato grass, fertilizer Si Plus, nutrition, in-vitro, digestibility


The study aimed to assess the impact of Si Plus fertilization on the growth, production and nutritional value of
grass Brachiaria Mulato on second defoliation. This study uses a randomized complete design with four
treatments, P1: grass given fertilizer silicate plus on day 10 and 20, P2: grass given fertilizer silicate plus on
days 10, 20 and 30, P3: grass given fertilizer silicate plus on day 10, 20, 30, and 40, after the firt defoliation.
Parameters measured were grass growth include: plant height, leaf number and the number of tillers, plant
production will be calculated after the crop is harvested that at the age of 120 days (second defoliation). The
nutritional value is the proximate and the digestibility in vitro. The results showed the content of dry matterl,
crude lipid, crude protein, crude fiber and digestibility of dry matter and organic matter digestibility in the
second defoliation showed no significant differences for spraying Si Plus with different intensities. It was
concluded that spraying fertilizer Si Plus does not affect the growth, production, nutritional value and in-vitro
digestibility of grass Mulato on defoliation II


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