Kecernaan Bahan Kering dan Bahan Organik Jerami Padi yang Difermentasi dengan Kombinasi Kapur Tohor, Bacillus s., dan Air Kelapa pada Waktu yang Berbeda


  • Oscar Yanuarianto UNRAM
  • Muhamad Amin
  • Muhamad Iqbal
  • Sofyan Damrah Hasan



rice straw, lime, Bacillus sp, fermentation


The study aims to determine the nutrient composition, digestibility dry matter and organic matter fermented rice  straw in combination with calcium     carbonate, Bacillus sp., and coconut water at different times. Rice straw obtained around the city of Mataram and then was cut into pieces with 3-4 cm in size.  Four treatments  were applied : PI was 300 g rice straw added with a 3% solution of Bacillus sp. and 7% calcium oxide with no  fermentation. Treatments 2 to 4 was similar to the first treatment  but fermentation applied were  for 14, 21 or 28 days respectively. The variables in the study were observed physical properties, chemical composition (dry matter, organic matter, crude protein, crude fiber, neutral  detergent fiber, acid detergent fibre and lignin ) and digestibility of dry matter and organic matter of rice straw.  The data obtained were analyzed using a completely randomized design with SAS statistical program package. The results showed that the fermentation time can increase the nutrient composition organic matter, crude protein, digestibility of dry matter and organic matter  and decreased crude fiber (neutral detergent fibre, acid detergent fibre, hemisellulosa, cellulose and lignin) of  rice straw  fermented with a combination of calcium oxide, Bacillus sp, and coconut water.


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